Below is a list of useful links to websites that explore/analyze how technology and business are evolving:

Columbia Business School: Ideas at Work
Excellent source of general business knowledge articles; occasionally web and business issue related articles are posted.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (Stanford University)
A series of weekly lectures on entrepreneurship jointly sponsored by several programs at Stanford. Features speakers from Google, Genentech, and Juniper Networks, among others.

Knowledge At Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)
An offshoot of the school’s online business journal called “Knowledge@Wharton.”  The "Managing Technology" section contains many interesting articles that discuss how the web and technology are changing business dynamics.

McKinsey & Company Business Technology section
Great source of useful and relevant research to understand today's fast changing business landscape.

Morgan Stanley Technology Research
Great resource that contains timely presentations on the evolution of the Internet and the businesses that are evolving alongside it.