"Working closely with the client we identified that to sell real estate online it is critical to show the properties in an engaging way using multimedia."

Project Portfolio:
  Arbagu Real Estate Agency


Arbagu Real Estate Agency required a website to help sell its portfolio of properties. The website design had to take into account that its development and its future maintenance had to be done very economically.  Despite the economical limitations of the project, the website needed to provide all the necessary multimedia features to properly display real estate properties on the internet and help in the sale process.


Rather than create a website from scratch we used wordpress.com blog templates to create a website.  Wordpress.com has the functionality to let users create web pages.

Initial setup of the website using the available templates made it possible to create the site within the budget limitations.  Because users have free hosting and can self-maintain the created website, by easily adding or modifying web pages, the maintenance of the website proves to be economical.

Working closely with the client we indentified that to sell real estate online it is critical to show the properties in an engaging way using multimedia.  Therefore, the website needed to offer multimedia features.  We used youtube.com to easily add videos to the website and used slideshare.com to easily add slideshow presentations to the website.  Both these sites do not require significant expertise to create the multimedia additions to the client's website.  The client can personally and economically update the website multimedia features.


The client was happy with the results.  The website helped sell the portfolio of properties using engaging multimedia presentations.  It gave the business a place on the internet.  However, just as important, going forward, the client has a sustainable website that can be maintained with the latest updates economically and that will keep contributing to the business.