"Management used this ability effectively to keep track of the project and to identify and follow-up with problems."

Project Portfolio:
  Information Management Worksheet


This project involved the creation of a sharable worksheet to track, in real-time and in a precise manner, the progress of an IBM Notes/Domino database cleanup project.  The solution needed to be collaborative; many users needed to access and to update the worksheet simultaneously.  In addition, it needed to summarize the cleanup project’s progress.  Management needed to quickly determine the status of the project’s progress.


The solution involved customizing Google sheets, which provides an environment that allows many users to access the same document simultaneously.  I created a customized worksheet with all the data that needed to be tracked and worked on.  The worksheet would be used to document when records in an IBM Domino database where changed (i.e. deleted, modified, added, etc.).

By using drop down menus with predefined data entries, I created standardized responses to update the work done.   I leveraged this standardization and the use of Google Sheets functions to automatically track and count the work done and to sum up all this data precisely and in real-time.

The data derived from the functions was presented and summarized as an information dashboard.  With this information dashboard, management could follow project progress as well as easily id any project issues.  For example, a dynamic pie chart in the information dashboard showed how much work was done and how much was left to do.  The percentages/sizes of the pie chart was constantly updated as the work was updated in the worksheet.


This project’s customized worksheet was able to achieve all the goals it was designed to meet.  We could collaborate easily.  The use of standardized preconfigured data entry items allowed for the whole team to be consistent with the responses.   Both things allowed us to increase our productivity and to reduce errors.

In addition, we were able to summarize and present work progress in real-time and with precise accuracy.  Management used this ability effectively to keep track of the project and to identify and follow-up with problems.  Lastly, this summary data was also included in monthly reports made to the end client of the database cleanup project.  This data effectively and accurately communicated project progress and we also saved time because it was easy to copy the data into the monthly update reports.